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Hematite for jewelry contains magnetite —a natural Ferromagnetic Mineral. Magnetite is a heavy, semi-metallic gemstone, valued for its magnetic properties. Since raw Hematite (Iron Oxide) cannot be permanently magnetized, magnetized Hematite is actually a mineral composite including ground natural Hematite and small amounts of other natural minerals. This composite is much easier to magnetize and form into shapes. The same basic chemical composition of Iron Oxide remains, thus Magnetic Hematite or Magnetite has the benefits of natural Hematite and can be used as magnetic therapy beads. Hematite comes from the Greek word for Red. Hematite was used to create red chalk for 1000’s of years which relates well to the red color of our Root Chakra. It is known that we have many heavy metals within our bodies circulating through our blood stream.  Hematite is a very protective stone that helps you to stay grounded in any situation. It absorbs negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry. When you wear Hematite it helps you feel balanced, calm and centered. This stone helps you to find your own, unique talents, releasing self-imposed limitations.

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